CHT Security Protects Critical Infrastructure Information Systems with Carbon Black.

[Taipei, Taiwan, December 14, 2018]  CHT Security and Docutek Solutions officially become strategic partners in 2018. The endpoint product ”Carbon Black Protection” is listed one of the options of Chunghwa Telecom’s “Cybersecurity Fleet” to enhance the capability to defend against new malicious attacks and to complete the lineup of Cybersecurity Fleet in terms of endpoint protection.

CHT Security is the leading MSSP in Taiwan, delivering security services prior to the incident (vulnerability assessment, penetration test), during the incident (managed SOC, DDoS protection) and post the incident (incident response, digital forensics) for governments and enterprises. Its SOC service has won the highest score in the Review of the Security Service Provider by Security Department of the Executive Yuan for five consecutive years. To strengthen the SOC visibility from endpoints, CHT Security leverages the top-notch features of Carbon Black Protection to offer best defense capability in the aspects of endpoint, network and gateway.

Carbon Black Protection combines application control, file integrity monitoring, device control and memory protection for the strongest system lockdown. This approach stops malware and non-malware attacks by preventing unwanted change. This is effective at stopping file-based attacks and next-gen attacks that use obfuscated malware, as well as memory-based, and script-based techniques, like PowerShell. With Carbon Black Protection organizations can enforce the integrity of deployment configurations, continuously monitor critical-system activity, assess compliance risk and even achieve compliance for end-of-life systems

Carbon Black Protection enables the endpoint security to critical infrastructure information systems of CHT Security’s MSS customers, such as the vote-counting network, manufacturers for the military, and government institutions whose systems are highly confidential and critical and have to response to domestic and overseas attacks anytime. CHT Security delivers comprehensive and leading-edge security protections from network to endpoint, ensuring the in-depth defense around the clock.

About CHT Security

Founded in 2017, CHT Security is a subsidiary company of Chunghwa Telecom, the largest ISP and one of the largest ICT providers in Taiwan. Based on years of experiences in cyber defense practices, CHT Security is the leading cybersecurity solution provider in Taiwan, specializing in cutting edge managed security services, NDR/EDR services, technical consulting and digital identity technology and has already won several international certifications and prestigious awards worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Docutek Solutions

Docutek Solutions, Inc. was established in Taiwan and started its first operation in 2003 April, and positions as a value-added distributor in great China market. We focus on Enterprise Content Security products, solutions and services, especially on assisting clients in protecting their company against internal threats focused on meeting the customer's budget and business requirements all while ensuring compliance to government regulations. For more information please visit