CHT Security Joined CEATEC 2022 to showcase SecuTex NP/ED & CypherCom

During CEATEC 2022, CHT Security showcased the latest cybersecurity products including SecuTex NP/ED and CypherCom.

SecuTex is a product family featuring Network Protection (NP) and Endpoint Detection (ED). Enterprises should be ready for security incidents, so keeping all the network packets is necessary for response and investigation. SecuTex Network Protection (NP) is designed to address this need, recording all network packets for deep inspection. It can do real-time network packet analysis and detect intrusions, while send alerts to administrator if necessary and meanwhile provides a single forensic platform that integrates forensic tools for higher efficiency.

SecuTex Endpoint Detection (ED) integrates GCB (government configuration baseline) check, software update check, and malicious activities detection to grasp the whole picture of security risks and then users can come out the countermeasures.

CypherCom is an end-to-end encryption communications system. CypherCom adopts slim sim hardware security element and the applet of CypherCom is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified to ensure the private key used in the communication is highly protected. All voice, text, photos, videos and files are encrypted throughout the process.