CHT Security Showcase the Latest Cybersecurity Solutions in CYBERSEC 2021

During CYBERSEC 2021, CHT Security showcases the latest cybersecurity products and services. The first one is the total solution for Internet of Vehicle, including the cybersecurity for in-vehicle, road-side unit, cloud and operation center. Among the solution, SecuTex Car Protection demonstrates the ability for payload sniffer and anomaly detection for cars, aiming next phase to keep record of all the CANBUS traffic.

The second one is the next-generation SOC (security operation center) service. To enhance the overall cybersecurity visibility, the next-generation SOC puts great emphasis on the integration of network gateways, endpoints and cloud to well demonstrate the risk level for organizations. Moreover, the response ability is the key point to curb cyber-attacks once detected.

CHT Security also showcases the latest cyber range developed for both blue team (defense) and red team (attack). CHT Security cyber range based on hyper-converged infrastructure delivers great ability for group training and competition.